VCA top advantages

1. Robustness, bitstream error detection and visualization, bitstream error navigation

If your favorite Analyzer just crashed with a stream than open the stream with Vicue Analyzer to understand what is wrong. “Error” button at the bottom left of the window will signal if Analyzer detects any errors/warnings in loaded bitstream. By clicking on the button switches to the list of detected problems. Double clicking on selected problem will navigate to the place where the error occurred.

2. Dual view

Dual view mode allows to make direct visual comparison between two bitstreams. This
feature is useful for codecs fine tuning with slight variation in coding parameters. Bitstreams
itself should be coded with the same codec. When the depended bitstream is opened it is synchronized with the master bitstream in frame position, chosen mode, offset and scaling factor in the central information window. Also, toolbar buttons in central info window work synchronously with master.

3. Speed and Quick startup

  • AVX2 optimized codecs
  • File indexing provides quick performance and responsiveness with video files loading, and while switching between video frames
  • Quick header parsing at startup, full frame decoding by frame access

4. Docking windows for best layout and multi-monitor workplace development practice

5. Informational overlays (heat map, Ref Idx, MV heat, QP etc)

6. Extraction any kind information frame (syntax, statistics, predicted and residual planes)

7. YUV diff with original files with per-block metrics calculation

8. Block details view (in all modes: prediction, residual, filtering etc)

9 Find first difference with Debug YUV

This is sequential search in decode order for difference between reconstructed YUV and reference YUV that should be preloaded via YUVDiff menu. The search runs till the first difference will be found or to the end of the stream.

10 Command Line

11 Spec included

If you want recall definitions and range

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