VQ Decoder Validation Kit

Decoder Validation Kit (DVK) is a Powerful Validation Environment for AV1, HEVC, VP9 Decoders*

Meeting media industry compliance is a key success factor for any solution provider creating AV1, VP9, HEVC decoders, transcoders, players, and streaming solutions. Whether it is a product for communications infrastructure, cloud video streaming, media broadcasting, surveillance or other media streaming solutions, fast test cycles to achieve compliance saves significant time, costs, and is beneficial to the development process.


  • Design Staging (Syntax compliance)
  • Verification (Stress, performance, memory bandwidth)
  • Error Resilience Test (robustness)

Analysis & Validation Software

  • Random Encoder
  • Reference and Instrumented Decoder
  • Syntax Coverage tool
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Decoder Validation Kit Users

  • Validation and QA organizations, video codec development teams
  • ASIC development, silicon and hardware/software codec vendors
  • IC, IP and system/platform vendors for STB, digital TV and smartphone/tablets
  • Software solution vendors for video players, video surveillance and decode/transcode platforms

Extensive Validation Coverage for Industry Compliance

Due to the syntactical flexibility allowed in modern coding standards, video encoders are capable of producing variety of bit streams. A decoder (or video player) needs a way to validate against every possible encoder in the market today and in the future. Decoder Validation Kit Software is a model of such configurable encoder driven by an advanced entropy model. The output of this encoder is rigorously tested for coverage of important combinations of syntax elements and values. After an issue is found in the decoder under test, it can be debugged using special streams designed to accelerate this debugging. Decoder validation Kit Bitstreams allow developers to compare their decoders™ output with "known correct" outputs to determine anomalies in their products to help save validation and support costs.


Reduce Development Cost and Accelerate Time-to-Market of Video Products

Decoder Validation Kit is carefully structured streams to be as compact as possible during validation (this minimizes the time a developer needs to validate products), plus provides a large number of streams to assist in debug. This allows validation engineers and media developers the ability to custom generate their own streams, which can be advantageous if they want to test, for example, specific resolution combinations on a regular basis. Save weeks, potentially months of work of time needed for validation and ship quality, reliable decoders for improved competitiveness reducing your time-to-market.

Build Compliant AV1, VP9, HEVC Decoders with new Decoder Validation Kit

  • AV1 - new royalty free codec driven by Alliance for Open Media
  • HEVC - Includes Screen Content Coding and Scalable profiles
  • VP9 - Increased smoke test streams coverage, 2x reduction in memory footprint, context coverage reached 100% and new error resilience streams for all Profiles
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Upon creating an encoder powered by an advanced entropy model, results can look highly unusual. Creating these types of tests allows comparisons of the decoder's outputs with known correct outputs to determine anomalies.

*This is a high-level product description, ask your sales representative for detailed specification. back to top