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Decoder Validation Kit. Analytic tools.

From this video you will learn the main purpose and opportunities of DVK Analytic tools. 

Decoder Validation Kit. Random encoder.

From this video you will learn what is random encoder, what are its main functions and the principles of its performance.

Decoder Validation Kit. Bitstreams.

From this video, you will learn the intention of the bitstreams, the types of bitstreams that DVK offers, and their special features. Watch the video and become an even better expert in our Decoder Validation Kit.

Decoder Validation Kit

The following video provides the main information on DVK (Decoder Validation Kit). Watch the video and learn who can take benefit from DVK, what are the main functions and purposes of the instrument, and what does it consist of.

VQ Analyzer overview

 VQ Analyzer is a video stream analysis tool designed to inspect  every essential step of the decoding process graphically and  numerically.

This video demonstrates how you can analyze the video stream at any granularity levels: whole stream, flow/frame level and block level.

About VicueSoft

ViCueSoft, a leading software company, creates products and services in the video quality analysis, transcoding, and machine learning to help companies reduce costs and improve video quality.

 Founded in 2017, ViCueSoft has greatly developed, set up five offices worldwide, and gained credit from an extensive group of companies including Fortune 500. Our technologies mentioned in the video were created to become a breakthrough for your business.

VQ Probe: Brief overview

 VQ Probe is a tool for objective and subjective video quality comparison. This video gives a quick overview of VQ Probe's main features.

VQ Probe intro

 Do you need to compare quality of competitive codecs? VQ Probe is one of the professional instruments for that. Quality metrics, simple and user-friendly interface, player for elementary streams, easy to install - that’s all in one in our VQ Probe.


Working with frames in ViCue Soft Analyzer / VQ Analyzer Guided Tour #2

Working with frames is convenient in VQ Analyzer. It allows you to know more information about the frame: the size of the frame, the frame with the max/min size, bitrate, moving average, buffer fullness, number of the frames, fps.

How to work with YUV file in ViCue Soft Analyzer / VQ Analyzer Guided Tour

YUV is a color model. You can work with YUV files and debug them using the part of the VQ Analyzer project, called YUV Viewer

Nab Show Las Vegas 2019 - Interview with Alexey Fadeev CEO ViCueSoft

When our company was on the NAB Show Las Vegas 2019, Alexey Fadeev CEO of ViCueSoft was interviewed by Marina Ingold CTO & Presenter connected MediaIP. Being on National Association of Broadcasters  Show was very excited and you can see it in this video