Video Analyzer and Quality tuning

VQ Analyzer is a video stream analysis tool designed to inspect every essential step of the decoding process graphically and numerically

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  • Syntax Information for specs in each stream
  • Compliance Validation/Error Reporting
  • Dual View mode with 2 in-sync streams
  • Frequent updates
  • Load Debug YUV with multiple functions
  • Flexibility with purchasing license
  • GUI and console mode
  • Speed and stability of functioning
  • Detailed video analysis
  • 24/7 worldwide support (1st-year free support service*)
  • * available with the purchase of a one-year perpetual license

Key features

Bitstream view

NAL units, Filmstrip, HRD and VBV buffer, Specification, Reference hierarchy


  • Thumbnails Filmstrip with Frame Type and picture preview
  • Bars Filmstrip with Frame type and size
  • Frame reference dependency and hierarchy
  • Extracting NAL units and sub stream
  • Spec compliance verification
  • HRD and VBV buffer visualization
  • Displaying PSNR/SSIM metrics per frame on a timeline graph

Frame view

Prediction, transform and overlays


  • Dedicated view for each stage of frame processing
  • Extracting intermediate pictures to a file
  • DPB state for the frame
  • Graphically Analyze Coding Flow
  • Visual Overlays: Heat Map, QP Map, Efficiency Map, and many other
  • Display PSNR/SSIM metrics as block-based heat map


Frame and Stream level stat, extract to file


  • Quotation from spec for each syntax element
  • Whole bitstream & each separate frame statistics
  • Extract syntax and statistical data to a file

VQ Analyzer

Block view

Full pipeline of actions with coefficients, vectors and formulas


  • Detailed information for the selected block in Selection Info
  • Detailed view for a selected block in each processing stage with values and actions


Dual View (open dependent bitstream), Debug YUV (Open debug YUV, Find First Difference), Delta


  • Load an original uncompressed or decoded stream to debug the difference
  • Dual view to synchronize actions over 2 similarly encoded streams
  • Find the first difference between Reference and Debug pixels
  • View of bits in the bitstream for Selected NAL/Frame/Block
  • Detect, class Nameify, display, and navigate to a bitstream error or level incompliance

Syntax Info

Values of specified bitstream elements instruct the decoder to take action


  • Quotation from spec for each syntax element
  • Whole bitstream & each separate frame statistics
  • Extract syntax and statistical data to a file
Improve your video

Target audience

  • Codec HW IP & SoC designers
  • Codec SW developers
  • Video Codec Validation & QA engineers
  • Academic Researchers


  • Semiconductor
  • Broadcasting
  • eSports
  • Streaming service
  • Social networks
  • Software codecs development
  • University and Higher Education

Technical characteristics

Supported elementary video formats:

    • AVS3, SHA-1 (phase-2 branch of HPM source, tag HPM-11.0): 75a6aca35cf0eb54790c8d33760b151fa2fb00d9
    • HEVC: v.1 (ISO/IEC 23008-2 MPEG-H Part 2 or ITU-T H.265) , 8/10-bit
    • HEVC: v.2 RExt extension, 8/10/12-bit
    • HEVC SCC: according to SCM 8.5
    • SHVC: according to SHM-12.1
    • AV1: acc3f97753f67e0ce7290b98b7bb71152fe5e264
    • VP9: Profile 0,1,2,3, 8/10/12-bit
    • AVC: H.264/AVC, ISO/IEC 14496-10, MPEG-4 Part 10, High profile, 8/10-bit
    • MPEG2: (ISO/IEC 13818-2 Part 2), 8-bit
    • VVC: H.266/VVC, based on VTM 13.0
    • Containers: mkv, webm, mp4, mpeg2 ps/ts, avi, mmt
    • Colors: BT601, BT709, BT2020

System requirements:

  • Hardware:

    1GB RAM minimum, 4GB recommended when loading 4K images
  • Software:

    • Microsoft: Windows 7+, 32 bit/64 bit
    • MacOS: 10.12+
    • Ubuntu, Linux: 16.04+
    • SLES: 12+
    • CenOS: 7.4+


Perpetual License

You receive the software for “perpetual” use. We provide a free software update for the first year and after that, the support can be purchased annually.
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Monthly/ Annual License

Monthly or annual ownership of the product. For customers who intend to use the software for a limited period and save on costs.


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