Professional free tool for video quality measurement

The key usage model is to compare several implementations of the same codec standard or several different codecs

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VQ Probe is a professional visual instrument for objective and subjective video quality comparison. It supports commonly used quality metrics, such as PSNR, SSIM, VMAF, and modern standards (AVC/H.264, HEVC/H.265, VVC/H.266, AV1, AV2, MJPEG). VQ Probe allows users to compare different codec standards, build RD curves and calculate BD rates. It is capable of viewing YUV/Y4M files as well. Measure the quality of your videos with VQ Probe!

  • LogoObjective & subjective assessment of video quality
  • LogoConvex Hull for adaptive streaming
  • LogoBuffer View
  • LogoMetrics in Regions of Interest (ROI)
  • LogoPlayer for elementary video streams
  • LogoSimple and user-friendly interface

Key features

  • Unlimited files in a single project
  • Command line
  • Scene change detection
  • Containers support
  • Metrics data import (from cache) and export
  • Supporting most popular metrics, including PSNR, SSIM, VMAF
  • RD Curves and BD Rate calculation
  • Video playback of 2 videos
  • Overlap and Independent modes for playback
  • Visualization of the difference between the encoded and the reference files
  • Heat map difference
  • Metrics visualization
  • Source files trimming
  • Frame cropping
  • Looped playback
  • 4K support
  • Zoom down to pixel values
  • YUV Viewer
  • Quality measurement tool
  • Available for Mac, Windows, Linux
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Target audience

  • QA engineers
  • Technical support engineers
  • Broadcasters
  • Non professional


  • Semiconductor
  • Broadcasting
  • eSports
  • Streaming service
  • Social networks
  • Software codecs development
  • University

Technical characteristics

  • Supported elementary video formats:

    • AVC / H.264
    • HEVC / H.265
    • VVC / H.266
    • AV1
    • AV2
    • MJPEG
  • Supported chroma subsampling:

    • 4:2:0
    • 4:2:2
    • 4:4:4
  • Supported containers:

    • MP4
    • TS
    • MKV
    • AVI
    • WEBM
    • IVF
    • MOV
  • System requirements:

    OS: Windows 10, Mac OS 10.14+, Ubuntu 18.06+, CentOS 7.0RAM: for 4K resolutions 16Gb is highly recommended.
  • Supported uncompressed formats:

    • YUV
    • Y4M
  • Supported bit depth:

    • 8 bit
    • 10 bit
    • 12 bit


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