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ViCueSoft turns four!


Four is a very important number for us. We find it to be symbolic. It is like the fourth leg of the chair or the fourth wheel of the car. It is about our foundation. Let's look back together into our past four years and into the future – we would even say let's look 4ward.

Our story

ViCueSoft was created four years ago in Moscow by former Intel employees who wished to embark on an independent voyage and create their own truly unique products. At first, ViCueSoft had only four employees. By 2021 the team has increased tenfold, and average annual sales growth has been 65%. We started with providing services, but already then in 2017 we began to develop our own products.


2018. The first product – VQ Analyzer – was not long in coming and appeared in 2018. By then, the company had 23 employees, we opened an office in Nizhny Novgorod, joined AOM and took part in the NAB exhibition. VQ Analyzer is our most popular product today and it has become our calling card. The market for codec analytics is not only extremely narrow, but also premium. Nevertheless, in a very short time we managed to take one of the leading positions in it. Today VQ Analyzer, like our other products, is used by customers in North and South America, Europe, and Asia.

We are assisted in distributing our products and finding end users by our reseller partners in different parts of the world. One of our first partners, with whom we are still cooperating, is the American company XLsoft Corporation. We are proud of the fact that before working with us, XLsoft had already sold similar products, but saw a competitive advantage in our product and became actively engaged in its sales.

"ViCueSoft VQ Analyzer is often updated to support new codecs and I believe it is an advantage compared to other solutions. ViCueSoft has been very flexible with our customers' requests and we could build good relationship both with our customers and your company. ViCueSoft’s VQ Analyzer quickly supports new codecs and your response is very fast so we can provide good support to our customers. I think both the quality of the software and good support are important factors for our customers' decision,” - says Toshiaki Watanabe, Sales Manager at XLsoft Corporation.

2019. We opened a new office in Tomsk, primarily to attract highly qualified specialists from that city. Our team has grown to 35 employees then. We took up the promising area of machine learning seriously and launched our new product VQ DVK, Decoder Validation Kit for Engineers building Decoders.

2020. Last year was the year of continued expansion for us, this time to the West. We opened sales offices the USA and Canada, opened 2 development offices (Russia / Perm, Italy / Milan), joined MPAI and launched another product on the market – VQ Probe. Our growth trajectory in a COVID-19 pandemic environment has been contrary to the contractionary trend in the wider economy. We have continued to grow confidently and increased our team to 42 employees.

We are very glad that last year we also engaged in a new partnership with the Chinese company Lomicro. When we engaged with Lomicro, our VQ Analyzer hardly required an introduction. Lomicro was already aware of VQ Analyzer from their customers and buyers who expressed their interest in purchasing the product and asked Lomicro for assistance. In the past we had to be vocal about VQ Analyzer to draw attention of our customers and partners. The Lomicro experience is a significant step towards establishing the VQ Analyzer brand thus a milestone for our company.

"Customer-driven, as at that time there was customer's inquiry about VQ Analyzer. We asked customers who used VQ Analyzer, and they recommended ViCueSoft. After talking with ViCueSoft team, we find ViCueSoft is a technology-oriented company which is very crucial for high-tech industry," says Jade Ming, Sales Manager at Lomicro.

“It is significant, she says, that ViCueSoft products are popular with customers who do not need introduction, such as Facebook, Nvdia, Intel, Google, AMD, Amazon, Youtube, ARM, Panasonic, Samsung, Toshiba, Huawei, Tencent and Luxoft.”

"Customers choose ViCueSoft due to excellent products, great support, professionalism and good pricing. As is the case with Lomicro, we always look from the customers' perspective," said Ms. Ming.

2021. We continue to work actively. Today there are 45 employees in our company. We joined AVS Workgroup and do not intend to stop there. Our clients work all over the world – USA, Canada, Europe, China, Korea, Thailand, India, and elsewhere.

The map of presence
The map of presence


Our future

Customers and employees are our valuable assets.

Our mission is to ensure continued expansion in the highly specialized market segment of productivity instruments for codec professionals. We are always on the lookout to expand our team, provide attractive career development opportunities to recruits and a comfortable office space. We apprehend very well that talented staff, friendly HR and astute management are key ingredients in extracting the best productivity in knowledge business.

For our customers we provide the best service, quicker software Updates turnaround, shift left our roadmap for emerging codecs.

ViCueSoft continues to work on creating new interesting products using artificial intelligence. AI is being used more and more in many industries. The development of video codec standards also does not stand aside. Today AI is being used to research new filtering algorithms and improve compression. But the possibilities of using AI are growing rapidly and in a few years we will see new types of codecs, which are partially or entirely a neural network.

As part of our presence in three reputable international alliances, we intend to contribute to the development of new technologies in our segment. We pay special attention to finding talented students and codec experts, so our team will continue to grow.


"Why do we love number four? Over the past four years, we have quadrupled our reseller partners and consulting clients in different parts of the world, which has helped us quadruple our VQ Analyzer users and distribute our products to four continents. Our sales have also quadrupled. Our customer capitalization has exceeded 8 trillion dollars. We are proud of the list of our customers and we do everything possible and impossible to ensure that they are satisfied with the quality of service and products from ViCueSoft ", - says the Founding CEO of ViCueSoft Alexey Fadeev.

“We are proud to congratulate you on our 4-th birthday. And we would be happy to hear some of your wishes to us and our future collaboration. Your company, especially Alexey, has been very helpful answering our customers' requests and our questions. I hope we can cooperate and grow together many more years to come”- mentioned Toshiaki Watanabe, XLsoft Corporation.

“Wishes to ViCueSoft and the cooperation between ViCueSoft and Lomicro. Hope ViCueSoft will grow stronger, faster, bigger and better. Hope ViCueSoft will be the industry benchmark for VQ Analyzer and Video decoder validation kit. Hope ViCueSoft and Lomicro can have mutual support, happy and win-win cooperation way for long time. We will treat each other with all sincerity and share weal and woe," said Jade Ming.

ViCue4You – we continue working 4 you! And we hope to celebrate lots of birthdays in future, especially the 44-th ;-)

Your ViCueSoft Crew