ViCueSoft Services

Any task in video compression is never too small for our team

ViCueSoft is delighted to offer Professional Services in video software development and associated collaborative R&D tasks. Our team can assist you with:

  • additional engineering expertise in video compression to reduce “Time to market delivery”
  • designing, documenting, testing, and implementing your project by acknowledged video compression experts
  • customization of an open-source video framework like FFmpeg, Intel MediaSDK, Intel SVT to suit your project requirements
  • optimization of video pipeline to extract the most out of your hardware and reduce unit costs
  • development of PoC and accountable data gathering tasks at the R&D stage to make the right business decision every step of the way
Focus on high-level design rather than dealing with low-level codec optimization problems
Save time and money by offloading to our experienced and reliable developer team
Remove obstacles with expert consulting

Target audience

  • Video streaming service providers
  • OTT system integrators
  • Software and hardware multimedia solutions developers


  • Semiconductor
  • Broadcasting
  • Streaming service
  • Integrators
  • Video codec software development

Get in touch with us if you need excellence in video products