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Acquiring deep knowledge about last video compression standards

About University of Navarra

The University of Navarra is a private not-for-profit university located in Spain. It was founded in 1952 and has been consistently ranked as the best private university in Spain. The University of Navarra is the third in Europe in teaching quality according to the 2019 ranking of Times Higher Education (THE).

Customer value

Students at the University of Navarra study video coding techniques as part of the Master's Degree in Telecommunication Engineering. VQ Analyzer allows students to acquire deep knowledge about last video compression standards. In fact, VQ Analyzer visually demonstrates all decoding processes that students need to learn. They are bits representation, filters, frames partitioning to slices and tiles, intra/inter prediction process, or decoding picture buffer status.

Customer testimonial

From the VQ Analyzer we appreciate the large range of supported video formats, detailed analysis of last video compression standards, the quality of the user interface and the intuitive handling of the tool.


University of Navarra (TECNUN)


VQ Analyzer



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