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Having deep and expressive visualization capabilities

About Rockchip

Rockchip Electronics Co., Ltd. established in 2001, is a leading fabless IC design company that focuses on Intelligent IoT. Rockchip is market-oriented and focuses on technological innovation. It is committed to providing customers with multi-level, multi-platform, multi-scenario professional solutions, empowering consumer electronics, intelligent hardware, computer vision, commercial/industrial applications, and other fields.

Customer value

Rockchip's team uses VQ Analyzer to provide customers with technologically innovative professional video solutions. VQ Analyzer supports all current and future generation codecs and visualizes them in one unified way to reduce the time to move for a next-gen standard.

Customer testimonial

The hardware design of a new codec is a challenging task. AV1 differs much in comparison with AVC/HEVC family codecs. Having deep and expressive visualization capabilities analyzer helps dive deep quickly into a new standard and deliver a time-to-market solution. Specifically, a challenging AV1 entropy model needs a thoughtful hardware logic for efficient use of chip limited resources. VQ Analyzer helps to understand it in its essence to achieve the best performance results.




VQ Analyzer



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