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High precision for achieving the best performance

About Artosyn

Artosyn, established in July 2011, is a leading global company emerging in the field of smart chip manufacturing. Artosyn is committed to providing high-performance, low-power consuming chips and the related tool chain solutions dedicated to artificial intelligence through independent research and development of chip core architecture and core IP.

Customer value

Computer vision and video analytics systems are gaining popularity among our customers. Improving the efficiency of media pipeline is becoming the key success factor. To assist the development of hardware-accelerated encoding and decoding, we chose VQ Analyzer for its visually clear representation of high-level stream details such as buffer model and reference scheme.

Customer testimonial

VQ analyzer helps our codec engineers tuning the encoder with high precision to achieve the best performance, which is necessary for providing long-lasting power autonomy and adaptivity to any change in environmental conditions. That is especially critical for developing stand-alone wireless video systems. Vanilla coding schemes could not be so helpful in realizing such task.




VQ Analyzer



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