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Highly robust to support the variety of streams VITEC processes


Founded in 1988 VITEC is a pioneer in the design and manufacture of hardware and software for video encoding, decoding, transcoding, archiving, and streaming over IP. In 1992, VITEC developed the first MPEG-1 encoder for micro-computers, today, VITEC’s HEVC (H.265) with Gen2+ codec and H.264 class of products are the most extensive on the market for encoding and decoding devices in multiple applications. In 2021, VITEC is continuing this legacy of innovation by leading the development of the newest VVC codecs (H.266).

Customer value

VITEC has been looking for a VVC analyzer that is both comprehensive and highly robust to drive its internal development of a high-quality VVC codec. Due to the experience and advanced research activities of VITEC, the selected software needed to be at a high level of readiness, and system support was critical.

Customer testimonial

VQ Analyzer was selected after an intensive study of the available video analysis software in the market because it satisfied the criterion set by our R&D teams. Besides its intuitive interface, including data and statistics, the analyzer is highly robust to support the variety of streams VITEC processes. This degree of analysis is even more impressive when considering the complexity of the new VVC standards, including the number of new tools and syntax elements such as APS, Picture Header, ALF, and of course the MTT partitioning. All elements are appropriately covered by the ViCueSoft team. We are very satisfied with the VQ Analyzer and will continue to build a great VVC codec for the market, relying on this tool to track bitstream issues to continuously improve our encoder development.




VQ Analyzer



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