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About Noisypeak

Noisypeak is a leading provider of advanced video over IP solutions for TV / video broadcasters, as well as corporate, government, professional sports, and education applications. The core technology of Noisypeak is Uniform Encoding Engine (U-EN2) that scales from one to up to 32 GPUs.

Customer value

One of the aims of our company is to transcode the content our clients send us. While transcoding an error can appear as a result of processing the incoming content. In such a situation, it is essential to determine the cause of the occurrence. To work through the problem, we need a tool to verify the compliance of the input content with the coding requirements so that we can figure out where the error appeared. VQ Analyzer has perfectly matched our needs.

Customer testimonial

Support of all codecs, the speed of analysis and identification of problems, the clarity of the results obtained that is necessary to maintain communication with our clients were crucial for us when we were looking for the instrument. VQ Analyzer has exceeded all our expectations – it provided us support for all existing codecs, including AVS3, graphical video bitstream analysis, and a high speed.

Due to VQ Analyzer we manage to find errors in the received streams and therefore save lots of time and money.




VQ Analyzer



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