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Seeing the bitstream at any granularity level

About University of Cyprus

The University of Cyprus aims to establish itself as a Pioneer Research Institution achieving International Scientific Recognition in European Higher Education, offering Competitive Programs and becoming a Centre of Excellence in the wider Euro-Mediterranean Region. The main objectives of the University are twofold: the promotion of scholarship and education through teaching and research, as well as the enhancement of the cultural, social, and economic development of Cyprus.

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The Computer Science Bachelor program aims to explore theoretical foundations, practical methods and technological advances in computer science. To study video coding, the University was looking for a tool that allows to analyze the video stream to see the entire decoding process.

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During the video codec process study, we show the students how to change the source code of different video codecs. After modifying the source code of a video codec, VQ Analyzer helps to visualize and analyze the advanced coding tool in the bitstream. It allows students to see the bitstream at any granularity level – from the whole stream analysis to block level.


University of Cyprus


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