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VQ Analyzer 6.0 release

Today we are pleased to announce the release of an update of VQ Analyzer 6.0: our tried and tested video bitstream analysis tool designed to inspect each step of your decoding process graphically and numerically.

VQ Analyzer

The following new features have been added to VQ Analyzer 6.0:

VVC Versatile Video Coding (MPEG-I Part 3), a video compression standard was updated to VTM 12.0, and functions were added.

Detail mode

Transform Detail view was enhanced: in transform mode, three main stages of the process of obtaining residual values are explained:

quantized coefficients and scan order indicated by arrows

transformed coefficients

residual values. Transformation and quantization parameters are also indicated.

  • Syntax element statistics

Syntax element statistics now feature counts (in absolute values and bit normalized) of syntax elements’ numbers for each frame and the stream as a whole. These can be viewed in the GUI or exported to a CSV file.

Syntax element

Decoder error resilience was improved. The Analyzer is more tolerant to bitstream incompliance and errors.

Objective Metrics in a stream view were added for YUV files, now a user can measure and compare pre-decoded files.


About ViCueSoft

ViCueSoft is a software company specializing in video quality analysis, and independent objective and subjective grading, video codecs development, and optimization with Intel* Media SDK and OpenCL.

ViCueSoft provides consulting, R&D, and outsourcing services to companies operating in software-defined transcoding, OTT service, content contribution, distribution, and media servers.

Established in 2017, the company’s professional and vibrant team has been delivering custom solutions to more than 100 companies worldwide, including the USA, Canada, Europe, China, Japan, and Korea.