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VQ Probe 2.2 is available!

Today we’re excited to launch the newest version of VQ Probe. VQ Probe is a visual instrument for objective and subjective video quality comparison. Try VQ Probe 2.2 now!

What's new in VQ Probe v2.2

AV2 support

We have added support for the currently developed AV2 codec in VQ Probe. Encode your files with aomenc, copy your libaom.dll to VQ Probe’s folder, and start comparing your AV2 files with VQ Probe! More info here.

Active metrics

You can now specify which metrics you want to use during the calculation. The popular PSNR metric is the default option, but you can always enable SSIM and/or VMAF in the Metrics>Options menu.

Faster calculation

Apart from the Active Metrics update, we have also increased the speed of PSNR calculation: up to 100 times faster (measured on Windows 10, Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-10300H 2.50GHz, 16GB RAM).

Image Navigation Panel

Image Navigation Panel allows you to see what region you are currently looking at when zoomed in.

Sample project

We have also added a sample project so you can get started with our Probe right away. You can find the project in the File>Samples submenu.

VMAF 2.2.1

VQ Probe is now updated to the newest version of VMAF (2.2.1).