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VQ Probe 3.2 is out now!

Today we’re excited to launch the newest version of VQ Probe. VQ Probe is a visual instrument for objective and subjective video quality comparison. Try VQ Probe 3.2 now!

What's new in VQ Probe v3.2

MPEG2 support

We have added support for the MPEG2 codec in VQ Probe.

BMP/JPG support

We have also added support for BMP/JPG images in VQ Probe.

Support for containers with multiple streams

VQ Probe is now able to parse containers with multiple streams and let the user select the desired one.

New Update Notifier

VQ Probe’s Update Notifier is now able to download and install new versions of the app.

Ability to calculate metrics that are missing from the cache

Metrics that are missing from the cache are now calculated automatically whenever the user loads cached results.

A button to clear Log View contents

We have also added a button to clear Log View. Go to Tools > Options > General > Logs to enable it.

New CLI features

We have added several new features to the CLI version of VQ Probe:

  • new options --reference/--distorted: calculate metrics for a pair of streams without creating a project
  • added a default value ("." - current directory) for -d


  • VQ Probe is now updated to dAV1d 1.2.0 and AVS3 HPM-15.2.
  • Enhanced UX by adding more shortcuts.
  • Maximum values are now highlighted in SI/TI Log.