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VQ Probe 2.4 release

VQ Probe 2.4 is out today! VQ Probe is a visual instrument for objective and subjective video quality comparison. Try the latest version now!

What's new in VQ Probe v2.4

AVS3 support

VQ Probe now supports AVS3 codec based on HPM-13.1 upstream version e0d2667cf911598eaab656cef58e38685d2b2224.

New metrics: PSNR-HVS, VMAF-NEG

Two new metrics are added:

  • PSNR-HVS – an extension of PSNR that incorporates some properties of human vision, such as contrast perception;
  • VMAF-NEG – a VMAF special mode No Enhancement Gain for comparing encoders. Learn about it from the following blog post.

V210, V410, V416 support

V210, V410, V416 color spaces are now supported, usually used for video editing codec formats like Apple ProRes and DNxHD (VC-3).

SI/TI calculation

Spatial Information (SI) and Temporal Information (TI) can now be calculated according to ITU-T P.910 (11/21):

  • SI is a metric for classifying spatial complexity of video content. Usually, spatially complex scenes have a higher SI.
  • TI is a metric for classifying temporal complexity of video content. Usually, high motion sequences have a higher TI.

Log View

Log View contains log messages (info messages, warnings, errors, etc.).

CLI: new options

The CLI of VQ Probe has now two options added:

  • --yuv-params - pass the parameters of a YUV file (like this, in quotes: "width;height;pixfmt;framecount").
  • --use-roi - use ROI from a COCO JSON file.

Faster project opening

The project can now open 3 times faster (measured on Windows 10, Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-10300H 2.50GHz, 16GB RAM).