VQ Analyzer 2023


VQ Analyzer 2023


The VQ Analyzer is a graphical coded video bitstream analysis tool, supporting the following coding standards:

  • AVS3, SHA-1 (phase-2 branch of HPM source, tag HPM-15.1): 7ef8109e8598e120142e24d4263bebfed3f48573

  • VVC, SHA-1 (VTM 19.0 tag): c71f7a9e117c122794a58b37945a7b22f57f80e6

  • AV1, SHA-1 (av1-normative branch of AOM source): acc3f97753f67e0ce7290b98b7bb71152fe5e264

  • HEVC: (ISO/IEC 23008-2 MPEG-H Part 2 or ITU-T H.265) , 8/10-bit

  • HEVC: RExt extension, 8/10/12-bit, 4:0:0/4:2:0/4:2:2/4:4:4

  • HEVC: SCC extension, conform to HM + SCM 8.6 in reference code

  • HEVC Scalable/Multiview Extension

  • Google’s VP9, profiles 0,1,2,3, 4:2:0/4:2:2/4:4:0/4:4:4, 8/10/12-bit

  • AVC: (H.264/AVC, ISO/IEC 14496-10, MPEG-4 Part 10), except SVC/MVC

  • MPEG2 (ISO/IEC 13818-2 Part 2), 4:2:0/4:2:2, 8-bit

  • JPEG XS - Low-latency lightweight image coding system

  • MKV, MP4, MMT(ARIB STD-B60 1.0), MPEG2 TS/PS, AVI, ASF, FLV, IVF containers

Once a bitstream is loaded, the tool allows the user to inspect each major step of the decode process visually and numerically, and the structure of the coded image can be explored. This data can be used as a visual reference when learning about HEVC/VP9/AVC/MPEG2/AV1/VVC/AVS3 or when debugging a particular encoder or decoder.

Release Notes ver 7.4

New Features


    • added opening and decoding JPEG XS files
    • added syntax elements with tooltips to Sintax info tabs
    • added detailed wavelet coefficients in Precinct, Dequant and Transform modes
    • added detailed sample values in MCT, NLT and YUV modes
    • added coefficients grouped by packets and coding groups in Precinct tab in Precinct and Dequant Details
    • added parameters and formulas of all steps of the Star-Tetrix transformation
    • added formulas for each sample in NLT Delails
    • added 4 planes and Bayer-type CFA representation
  • VVC Versatile Video Coding (MPEG-I Part 3) is a video compression standard

    • added charts for TU types to Syntax Info/Stats, one for each component
  • AVS3

    • added candidates info to inter Prediction Details
    • added splitting to prediction units on SAO, ESAO, CCSAO and Adaptive Filter modes
    • added switching to hex in pop-up for inter and intra blocks in Plediction Details
  • HEVC

    • added handling of 'lhvC' section for the mp4/mov container
  • AVC

    • added support PCAP format
  • HEIF

    • added support of avc

Bug Fixes

  • VVC Versatile Video Coding (MPEG-I Part 3) is a video compression standard

    • fixed frame output order for mixed_types multilayer streams
  • AVS3

    • added CABAC info for syntax block export
    • fixed BBV (bitstream bufer verifier)
  • AV1

    • fixed arrow direction for rectangular intra blocks in Prediction mode
  • AVC

    • fixed lastpayloadtype_byte size reading
  • YUV

    • fixed dual view mode for y4m files with crops

Release Notes ver 7.3

New Features

  • VVC Versatile Video Coding (MPEG-I Part 3) is a video compression standard

    • added new Change OLS dialog box for multilayer streams
    • added the ability to select target OLS via the console
  • AVS3

    • added pixel's details information at Adaptive Filter, SAO and CCSAO modes
    • added pixel's details information at Prediction mode for Affine, AWP, DMVR, IBC and ISC blocks
    • added the ability to compare the main and dependent streams in dual view using the "delta" button
  • AV1

    • added support AVIF format
  • HEVC

    • added support HEIF format

    • added support to load and display P016 files
    • added support to load and display files in A2RGB10 format
  • GUI

    • added automatic update to the latest version of the app

Bug Fixes

  • VVC Versatile Video Coding (MPEG-I Part 3) is a video compression standard

    • fixed LayerId values ​​in Ref Lists
    • fixed border rendering in loop filter detail view
  • YUV

    • fixed depth and metrics view switch sync for dependent stream
    • fixed opening dependent stream with debug YUV
  • MKV container

    • added handling of 'BlockAdditionMapping'

Release Notes ver 7.2

New Features

  • VVC Versatile Video Coding (MPEG-I Part 3) is a video compression standard

    • updated to VTM-19.0
    • speed up the decoding process
    • speed up of chroma-separated tree switching
    • added group of equal motion vectors for SBTMVP blocks
    • added additional CABAC parameters to CU tab in Syntax Info
    • added hpelIfIdx parameter to Prediction Details for Inter blocks
  • AVS3

    • updated up to HPM 15.1 version.
    • added pixel's details information at intra, inter(partial), transform, and ESAO modes.
    • added flags for coefficient levels at transform' details mode.
    • added group of equal motion vectors for subblocks
    • added additional CABAC' state info (ctx_idx, range, etc.).
  • AVC

    • added additional CABAC' state info
    • added pixel's details information at transform modes.
    • added CAVLC' syntax elements
  • HEVC

    • added additional CABAC' state info
    • extend QP information at transform' block details
  • All

    • added output of mv vectors to csv file
  • License

    • added priority servers list to Product Activation

Bug Fixes

  • VVC Versatile Video Coding (MPEG-I Part 3) is a video compression standard

    • fixed display pixels in selection info for IBC buffer
    • fixed number of bits in Syntax Stats
    • fixed drawing of virtual boundaries in the detail view of the loop filter mode
    • fixed incorrect display of SAD values in case minSad is less than sbHeight*sbWidth
    • improved statistic calculation
    • fixed incorrect position of blocks in the Prediction and Transform detail view
    • added warnings due to POC constraint
  • AVS3

    • fixed crash at esao on CPU without AVX2 support
    • fixed switching to hex in details
  • YUV

    • fixed opening yuv 4:4:0 format

Release Notes ver 7.1

New Features

  • VVC Versatile Video Coding (MPEG-I Part 3) is a video compression standard

    • added conversion of numbers in the detail view popup to hexadecimal
  • AVS3

    • updated to HPM-15.0
    • added prediction and transform stats
    • extend QP info and added scan order info in Transform details
    • extend the loop filter' info in the Loop Filter edge' details.
    • added picture and block syntax extraction
    • added Coding Flow mode
    • added neighboring pixels with visualization of their availability in Intra details
    • added parameter values for cross-component prediction chroma in TSCPM and PMC intra modes
    • added pixel' details info in Reconstruct details
    • added support of ts/avi/mkv
  • AVC

    • added pixel' details info in Prediction and Reconstruct details
    • extend loop filter' info in the Loop Filter edge' details.
    • extend QP info in Transform details
  • HEVC

    • extend loop filter' info in the Loop Filter edge' details.
  • All

    • unified sample streams by resolution and bit depth

Bug Fixes

  • VVC Versatile Video Coding (MPEG-I Part 3) is a video compression standard

    • fixed incorrect numbers in the formula for CU QP
    • fixed text overlay in the detailed view of Inter blocks
    • fixed incorrect motion vector value in the details for Merge Regular blocks
    • optimized popup size in Prediction details
    • reduced memory consumption during decoding and full-stream analysis
    • fixed difference marking in the DebugYUV mode for separated chroma bloсks
    • improved support for multilayer streams
    • fixed crash when switching dec/hex in case changing mode
    • fixed incorrect integer offset in DMVR details
    • fixed disappearance of dynamic selection info when switching dec/hex

    • removed emulation prevention bytes from bits calc of syntax elements
  • AV1

    • fixed stats output for console mode
  • YUV

    • fixed support of the Y416 format
  • All

    • fixed synchronization of blocks during the opening of a dependent stream

Release Notes ver 7.0

New Features

  • VVC Versatile Video Coding (MPEG-I Part 3) is a video compression standard

    • updated to VTM 17.0
    • added Details popup window
    • added Header tab with SPS, PPS, OPI, VPS, PH, APS, DCI, SH, SEI subtabs in Syntax Info
    • added Hex toggle in Syntax Info
    • added warnings for streams with DiffPicOrderCnt exceeding limits
    • added detection of streams where current and collocated frames have different resolution
    • added Inter refinement statistics
    • added Affine, Affine merge and SBTMVP Stats in PU types
    • added ability to switch all values to hex in Details of Prediction, Transform, SAO and Adaptive Filter modes
  • AVS3

    • updated to HPM-14.1
    • added rendering of subblocks for SbTMVP, ETMVP and MVAP blocks in Main View of Prediction mode
    • added partitioning for SAWP and AWP blocks in Main View of Prediction mode
    • Prediction Details:
    • added SAWP Weight Matrix and visualization of SAWP Parts for SAWP blocks
    • added AWP Weight Matrix and visualization of AWP Parts for AWP blocks
    • added Motion Buffer for inter blocks
    • splitting a coding unit tree into luma only is highlighted by a dashed line in Prediction, Transform, Reconstruction and YUV modes
    • added inter chroma mode label to Main Prediction View when chroma has a separate CU
  • YUV

    • added ability to set start file offset
  • All

    • added tabs for each stage of the transformation process in Transform Details

Bug Fixes

  • VVC Versatile Video Coding (MPEG-I Part 3) is a video compression standard

    • fixed default size in motion buffer mode
    • fixed TU type in Selection Info for BDPCM and Transform Skip blocks
    • NAL units aligned with real frames for GDR VVC stream
    • fixed display of reference index in Prediction Details
    • fixed disappearance of red dots in Debug YUV Mode when reversing frame by frame
    • fixed popup scaling in Prediction and Adaptive Filter Details - max and min popup sizes are set
    • fixed incorrect value in SAO Details PopUp on slice boundaries
    • fixed prediction pixel values for MIP prediction blocks
  • AV1

    • fixed calculation of bits for 'partition' syntax element.
  • AVC

    • fixed store/load of CABAC contexts during decoding an AVC 444 stream.
  • GUI

    • fixed non-clickability of buttons on Main Panel with the minimum size of the application window

Release Notes ver 6.6

New Features

  • VVC Versatile Video Coding (MPEG-I Part 3) is a video compression standard

    • added CTB syntax export
    • added lock pixel selection while panning
    • added ALF Classification Calculation Details
    • added error warnings for streams exceeding max tile width/height restriction
    • added pixels to the Adaptive Filter Details on the left and top
    • added Candidates Info moved into a separate tab in Prediction view
    • added extract YUV to 3 CSV files (for all planes)
    • optimization of statistics collection during opening streams
  • AVS3

    • updated to HPM-14.0
    • added Part Size to Selection Info
    • added profile' checks partially
    • Prediction Details:
    • added string vectors and details for Intra String Prediction (ISC)
    • added labels and parameters for additional modes BGC, IPF, IPC, OBMC, BIO, DMVR, ASR to Prediction Main view
    • added AWP parameters to Prediction Details
  • License

    • print message in console app' output in case of inactive license

Bug Fixes

  • VVC Versatile Video Coding (MPEG-I Part 3) is a video compression standard

    • fixed value of CTB Filter Alt Index in Main View of Adaptive Filter mode
    • fixed output of syntax statistics to a file
    • fixed calculation of the pixel value in the Prediction Details on the subpicture border
    • fixed ALF calculation details for CC-only cases
    • fixed crash opening invalid bitstream with extra bytes in the end of slice
    • fixed inactivity of the Go button when switching from the Detailed View of any mode to the Coding flow and back
    • fixed crash on streams with HRD
    • fixed opening bitstreams with HRD info, but without buffering period SEI
    • fixed extraction of minimal video sequence with EOS and EOB
    • improved robustness (opening bitstream with out of range ppsnumslicesinpic_minus1 value)
  • AVS3

    • fixed intra modes in CUs split into multiple PUs
  • AVC

    • fixed QP values color at Transform mode (QP color depends on delta_qp for MB)
    • fixed Levels/Coeffs (DC Levels/Coeffs) at Transform details.
  • MPEG2

    • fixed extract YUV for streams with crop values
    • fixed block' makeVisible function in case of interlace stream
  • ALL

    • fixed frame synchronization in Metrics mode for dual view in case of different window sizes
    • fixed synchronization of "use arrival times" checkbox in HRD View for dual view
    • fixed work with different resolutions and subsampling when opening a dependent and debug streams with debug YUV
    • fixed playback in dual view (AVC/HEVC/VVC/AVS3)

    • fixed font color in NAL tab and Unit info for dark theme

Release Notes ver 6.5

New Features

  • VVC Versatile Video Coding (MPEG-I Part 3) is a video compression standard

    • updated to VTM 15.0
    • added intra prediction calculation details for Planar, DC and Angular modes
    • added LMCS parameters to chroma residual values in Transform Details
    • splitting into CUs replaced with splitting into square blocks in SAO mode
    • added WP (Weighted Prediction) label in Prediction mode in Main View
    • added Legend for GEO inter block in Prediction Details
    • added CRC and checksum hash methods
    • added parameter values ​​to syntax element group headers in APS tab
    • added ISP partition to Prediction mode, ISP chroma moved to Separated Chroma View
    • added depth control to Adaptive Filter and SAO modes
    • added QP calculation details for no transform blocks
    • added SEI messages identification to NAL tab and new SEI tab
    • added highlighted filtration at the CTU lower horizontal border in Adaptive Filter Details
    • added affine motion vector values to Selection Info, can be enabled in the Options menu
    • added vector precision to Prediction Details
    • added new tab for IBC detail - IBC Buffer
    • added Final IBC reference location to IBC detail
  • AVS3

    • updated to HPM-13.1
    • added parent block selection
    • added playback functionality
    • added Patch, LCU and Split mode parameters to Selection Info
    • added mode labels, intra angular directions, IBC and inter motion vectors to Prediction Main View
    • added motion vectors and parameters to inter Prediction Details
    • added parameters to intra Prediction Details
    • added syntax elements for extension headers
    • added deblocking popup in Loop Filter Details
    • added tooltips for syntax elements
  • ALL

    • added synchronization of legend and axes for the dependent stream in Buffer mode of Stream View
    • added parallel use of Find the Fist Difference feature and working in the UI
  • License

    • added number of support days for perpetual license in activation dialog

Bug Fixes

  • VVC Versatile Video Coding (MPEG-I Part 3) is a video compression standard

    • fixed count of L0 and L1 utilization in stats for frames with GEO inter blocks
    • improved stability on broken DVK streams
    • fixed mode number for JCCR Transform Details according to the spec
    • fixed filter index value for CC ALF Chroma in the Main View of the Adaptive Filter mode
    • fixed splits and CU info after switch between slices/subpictures with mixednalutypesinpic_flag=1
    • added all necessary NAL units when extracting CVS
    • fixed incorrect pixels in Transform mode appearing when moving back frame by frame
    • fixed a crash related to the creation of missing reference frames
    • fixed indices of syntax elements in APS tab according to the spec
    • fixed Pixel Ruler in Details
    • fixed CTU info in ALF and SAO modes
    • added warning on cuqpdelta_abs out of the range
    • improved Statistic Map view - removed picture if the Info is enabled
    • improved MIP Details for ss444 streams - duplicate information removed
    • improved detection of streams with errors - errors tab pops up
    • fixed output of statistics to a file
    • fixed opening a bitstream with invalid RPL
    • fixed flags for dump_headers command in Console
    • fixed crash related to buffer overflow in IBC detail
    • fixed extra precision change for bv difference in IBC
  • AV1

    • fixed segmentation parameters in Refs tab
    • fixed enable conformance checks for levels >= 6.3
  • HEVC

    • fixed Static PSNR and Static SSIM calculation in Info Overlays
  • MPEG2

    • fixed extracting yuv from MPEG2
  • MP4

    • Add pdin atom support

    • fixed tab scrolling with a mouse wheel in MacOS
    • fixed incorrect font in shortcut settings dialog on MacOS

Release Notes ver 6.4

New Features

  • VVC Versatile Video Coding (MPEG-I Part 3) is a video compression standard

    • updated to VTM 14.0
    • added QP calculation details
    • added transform coefficients calculation details
    • added RPR blocks calculation details
    • memory usage optimization: 8k bitstreams can be decoded on 32 GB of RAM
    • added list0 and list1 utilization to stats
    • added parameters for weighted prediction in Syntax Info Refs Lists
    • unlocked edge details for unfiltered edges in Loop filter mode
    • added a reset plot functionality in Stream View Buffer tab
  • AVS3

    • updated to HPM-13.0
    • added syntax elements on block level
    • added syntax statistics
    • added Dual View support
  • AV1

    • added base Qindex and QP delta to stats file

Bug Fixes

  • VVC Versatile Video Coding (MPEG-I Part 3) is a video compression standard

    • fixed work with streams with NAL units encoded before SPS and PPS
    • fixed crash when switching to detailed view in loop filter mode for separated chroma blocks
    • fixed behavior when navigating through frames on streams with suffix APS NALUs
    • fixed behavior on streams with EOB NAL and EOS NAL
    • changed position of derived WPP context pointer to first CTU
    • fixed crash when opening VVC bitstream with multiple slices and shpictureheaderinsliceheaderflag=1
    • fixed visualization of the palette for the main view of separated chroma and palette details for palette size = 0
    • fixed cutting of trailingzero8bits
    • added syntax elements for OPI NAL unit
    • fixed displaying of loop filter details for 422 and 444 streams
    • fixed formula in MIP details in accordance with the spec
  • AVS3

    • fixed regression with library stream
    • fixed picture header syntax list regression

Release Notes ver 6.3

New Features

  • VVC Versatile Video Coding (MPEG-I Part 3) is a video compression standard

    • added vizualization of interpolation process fos inter block samples
    • added formulas and parameters for calculating each sample in Details for all inter modes
    • added display of Virtual Boundaries in Details for all modes
    • added DPB info panel
    • added HRD VBV buffer curve
    • added Palette details
    • changed splitting into square blocks instead of CUs in the Adaptive Filter mode
    • added delta QP formula in transform Details
  • ALL

    • added hotkeys for yuv view switching and in Info Overlays mode
  • AVS3

    • updated to HPM-12.1
    • added support of phase1 profiles
    • added library stream' feature
    • added picture statistic (qp/bits/bin on picture level)
    • improve performance

Bug Fixes

  • VVC Versatile Video Coding (MPEG-I Part 3) is a video compression standard

    • robustness fixes in handling Picture Header, Slice Header, and Filler Data corruptions
    • speed optimization in palette block decoding
    • runtime selection optimized functions according to CPUID
    • added pixel coordinates for motion buffer submode (the top left pixel for all 4*4 subblock)
    • removed the tick of separated chroma for Adaptive Filter and SAO modes
    • intrasubpartitionflags use values 0/1 instead of 1/2
    • reduced memory usage at VVC streams processing
  • YUV

    • improved work with RGB files
    • added ability to open dependent file for YUV files

Release Notes ver 6.2

New Features

  • VVC Versatile Video Coding (MPEG-I Part 3) is a video compression standard

    • updated to VTM 13.0
    • added spec variables tree type and mode type to selection info
    • improved candidates list in Details
    • added DMVR details
    • added BDOF details
    • added handling of skipped and undisplayed frames
    • added Virtual Boundaries drawing for all modes
  • AVS3

    • updated to HPM-12.0

Bug Fixes

  • VVC Versatile Video Coding (MPEG-I Part 3) is a video compression standard

    • fixed tile position for selected block (selection info panel)
    • fixed statistic collection and visualization
    • syntax element names alignment with specification
    • added correct processing of streams with several PPS/SPS
    • corrected reset scale and position for detailed view
  • YUV

    • fixed chroma subsampling
  • AV1

    • use actual start position for hierarchy blocks (instead of using leaf block start position)
  • All

    • general stability enhancement
    • general GUI improvements
    • improved dependent stream synchronization
  • GUI Dual View

    • synchronize info panel offsets during "Go" to block or switching between modes

Release Notes ver 6.1

New Features

  • VVC Versatile Video Coding (MPEG-I Part 3) is a video compression standard

    • syntax elements with errors are indicated in red in NAL tab
    • added SAO calculation details
    • CABAC range and value of syntax elements are added to Syntax info CU tab
    • in Loop Filter mode block boundaries are marked for different edge types
    • enhancements for additional info in Loop Filter details by clicking on edge and modified pixel
    • added the ability not to display dropped frames
    • added CU/TU chroma sizes in GUI statistics and bins in picture statistics
    • improved display mode of detailed Adaptive Filter
    • improved display mode of detailed Prediction
    • added CTB info in Coding Flow mode
    • added MaxCTB size in selection info
    • added candidate map to Prediction details
  • AVS3

    • added preliminary support based on HPM phase-2 branch, tag HPM-11.0, SHA-1 75a6aca35cf0eb54790c8d33760b151fa2fb00d9

Bug Fixes

  • VVC Versatile Video Coding (MPEG-I Part 3) is a video compression standard

    • added LFNST coefficients in Transform details
    • fixed difference option in dependent stream mode for motion vectors GEO and SBTVMP
    • fixed incorrect values in CIIP details
    • fixed GUI statistics and format of CLI statistic file
    • fixed color for L1 arrow in thumbnails
    • fixed display of motion vectors in main and detail views for affine blocks
    • fixed display of pixel coordinates in selection info for detail view
    • fixed transform scan coefficients in case shtsresidualcodingdisabled_flag = 1
  • YUV

    • in debug YUV stream bitdepth is used by default
  • All

    • general stability enhancement
    • general GUI improvements
    • fixed issue with scaling of GUI elements on MacOs
  • License

    • the proxy issue is fixed while working with FS (license floating server)

Release Notes ver 6.0

New Features

  • VVC Versatile Video Coding (MPEG-I Part 3) is a video compression standard

    • updated to VTM 12.0
    • transform detail view
    • syntax elements statistics
    • error resilience improvement (flexibility)
  • YUV

    • added metrics in stream view

Bug Fixes

  • VVC Versatile Video Coding (MPEG-I Part 3) is a video compression standard

    • fixed display borders in loop filter mode
    • fixed hex/decimal switching for pixels in detail view
  • AV1

    • fixed conformance check for level_6.3
  • HEVC

    • fixed incorrect PPS QM in case ppsscalinglistdatapresent_flag = 0
  • MPEG2

    • fixed blocks selecting
    • fixed chroma details
  • All

    • fixed crashes in dependent bitstream mode
    • general GUI improvements

Release Notes ver 5.6

New Features

  • VVC Versatile Video Coding (MPEG-I Part 3) is a video compression standard

    • updated to VTM 10.2
    • intra MPM details
    • MIP detail view for intra blocks
    • CCLM detail view for intra chroma
    • Adaptive filter extended detail view
    • added motion buffer mode
  • All

    • added simple color space converter

Release Notes ver 5.5

New Features

  • VVC Versatile Video Coding (MPEG-I Part 3) is a video compression standard

    • ISP detail view for intra blocks
    • Motion vectors candidates for Merge modes
    • GEO detail view for inter blocks
    • Field mode support
  • All

    • Added bit depth control when loading debug YUV

Bug Fixes

  • VVC

    • Fixed crashes on random navigation
    • Decrease memory usage
    • Fixed incorrect motion vectors candidates for nonMerge modes
    • Correct chroma IBC details
    • Fixed separated chroma blocks for intra frames in Syntax info CU
  • AV1

    • Fixed calculation of several level restrictions
    • Fixed transition to AV1 SuperRes Filter Details mode, in case of SuperRes is Off

Release Notes ver 5.4

New Features

  • VVC Versatile Video Coding (MPEG-I Part 3) is a video compression standard

    • Full conformance to VVC VTM 10.0 (see Known limitations)
    • MRL detail view for intra blocks
    • Additional info for Merge modes
    • Motion vectors differences for Affine and IBC details
    • Block vector to IBC details

Bug Fixes

  • VVC

    • Printing BDPCM for separated chroma in reconstruction mode
    • Сrash in RefIdx mode when zooming was fixed
  • Other

    • General GUI improvements

Known limitation:

  • VVC fields layout is not fully implemented
  • Transition to AV1 SuperRes Filter Details mode(F7), in case of SuperRes is Off in a bitstream, makes invisible control buttons (Pic, Info etc). Changing a Mode of a Frame position restores back

Release Notes ver 5.3

New Features

  • VVC Versatile Video Coding (MPEG-I Part 3) is a video compression standard

    • subPicture boundaries drawing
    • add number of subPicture in selection info
    • detaled info for CIIP blocks
    • IBC main and details
    • BDPCM blocks marking
    • visualisation for affine motion model
    • add motion vectors differences for AMVP details
    • add motion vectors candidates for IBC, AMVP and affine details
    • separated chroma blocks in Info Overlays CU Types

Bug Fixes

  • VVC

    • intra chroma details for separated chroma blocks in inter frames
  • AVC

    • fix displaying of luma QP for high bit depth (>8) in Selection Info
  • All:

    • R button in Info Overlays Statistic

Release Notes ver 5.2

New Features

  • VVC Versatile Video Coding (MPEG-I Part 3) is a video compression standard

    • dual tree for Info Overlays (Heat map, QP)

Bug Fixes

  • VVC

    • max size ctu changes with respect to parameter set
    • loop filter details fixes
    • confirmation of compliance to ITU VTM 9.0 conformance streams
  • AV1

    • add one extra pixel for odd frame size in film grain mode
    • fix references visualization for displayed frames in thumbnails
  • YUV

    • add support for odd frame sizes
    • fix navigation to previous frame
  • OTHER:

    • general stability improvements for VP9 and hevc
    • general GUI improvements

Release Notes ver 5.1

New Features

  • VVC Versatile Video Coding (MPEG-I Part 3) is a video compression standard

    • updated to VTM 9.0
    • separate coding tree
    • intra detaled info
    • inter reference blocks

    • HRD mode with arrival times
  • YUV

    • add sample.yuv

Bug Fixes

  • VVC

    • dependent view synchronization
    • intra chroma statistics
    • inter vectors drawing (correct arrows length)

System Requirements


  • 1GB RAM minimum, 4GB recommended when loading 4K pictures.


  • Microsoft* Windows* 7, Microsoft* Windows* 8, Microsoft* Windows* 8.1, Microsoft* Windows* 10, 32-bit/64-bit.
  • Ubuntu* Linux* 16.04 and higher, SLES* 12 and higher, CentOS* 7.4 and higher
  • MacOS* 10.12 and higher

Package Contents

content: VQ Analyzer Release Notes (this file), VQ Analyzer User Guide, licenses, binary executables, tool’s internal and third-party binaries.


To begin installation:

  • Double-click on the executable file to begin installation.

Activation during installation You must activate the product to finish installation. Use one of these methods:

  • Activation using serial number. Internet connection is required;
  • Remote activation using serial number. Used when your computer is not connected to the internet. You can use another computer with internet access;
  • Activation using license file;
  • Activation using license server.
  • You can also evaluate the product for trial period. If you have problems with installation under MacOS*, please, check System Preferences -> Security & Privacy options under “Allow apps downloaded from:”. The option “Mac App Store and identified developers” should be checked.

Known Limitations

The VQ Analyzer has the following known limitations:

  • AVC/HEVC HRD buffer fullness uses only Type II bitstream for visualization.
  • Archive yuv files (*.zip, *gz) fully unpacked in memory currently, huge files could require a lot of memory.
  • For zip files only first file in archive is considered to be used as compressed yuv file. Only deflate and store compression methods are supported.
  • Archived y4m files are not supported yet.
  • AVC decoding does not support gaps in frame_num and slice groups currently.

AV1 limitations:

  • Memory consumption can be high on 4K resolutions.

HEVC Conformance checks:

  • Bitstream conformance to active profile, tier and level representation and HRD parameters is tested on general representation only. (PTL syntax elements with prefix ’general_’)
  • Bitstream conformance to HRD parameters is tested using VUI parameters specified in active SPS only.
  • For Intra only profiles picture reordering is not tested.
  • Common Multilayer HEVC: external base layer configurations are not supported.
  • HEVC Slice data errors: bitstream restrictions specified SPS VUI or VPS VUI parameters are not supported.

HEVC Decoder behavior:

  • For Range extensions, High throughput and Screen-Extended (SCC) profiles in order to detect sub-profile (e.g. Monochrome, Main 444 12bit, …) bitstream constraint flags, coded in PTL, must be set according to the tables specified in clause A.3 of the spec.
  • For Still Picture profiles test for number of pictures present in bitstream is applied to whole bitstream file.
  • For Screen-Extended (SCC) profiles in order to detect these profiles, generalprofileidc must be set to 31 or generalcompatibilityflag[31] must be set to 1. (same as of HM16.16+SCC8.5) (Will be changed to 9 (according to spec) in future releases)
  • Multilayer bitstreams are decoded with highest available index of Layer Set (TargetOlsIdx is set to NumOutputLayerSets – 1). All available layers will be output.
  • Different layers in Multiview HEVC stream must have the same resolution and chroma format for inter-layer prediction. (Configurations with different chroma format or resolution are still decodable, but resampling process for inter-layer prediction will be invoked in that cases)
  • SCC extensions presence in bitstream is tested on both position 3 and 6 of spsextensionbit and ppsextensionbit.

Legal Information


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