VQ-Decoder Validation Kit(dvc)

Decoder Validation Kit (DVK)

VP9 Elementary Streams


DVK is

  • A Video Decoder Certification
  • A powerful validation environment for VVC, AVS3, AV1, HEVC, VP9 Decoder developers
  • A comprehensive set of test bitstreams, a configurable encoder, and analytic tools to verify decoder compliance to a standard
  • A tool that allows comparing test decoder’s output with «known correct» results
  • An instrument to determine anomalies in decoder design to save validation and support costs


  • The ability for a user to generate own streams with Configurable encoder
  • Configurable Encoder is 100x faster than a Reference (HM, VTM et al) encoder
  • Create test bitstream with restrictions to hardware design for the current stage of development
  • Kit of additional tools - Configurable encoder, Coverage & Analytic
  • 1-year free support

Target audience

  • Codec HW IP & SoC designers
  • Codec SW developers
  • Video Codec Validation & QA engineers
  • Academic Researchers


  • Chip manufacturers CPU, GPU
  • Video co-processor for wide use in cellphones, TV, STB

Technical features

Profile 0
(8bit, 420)
Profile 1
Profile 2
(10/12bit, 420)
Profile 3
Syntax - bitstreams to maximize coverage of each syntax element and cross-coverage of essential pairs. One test streams - one feature, make individual «coding block» design independently. Good for RTL design.60streams78streams120streams156streams
Stress - includes all the features covered by the Syntax streams, combined together. Good for an advanced stage of decoder design.18streams30streams36streams60streams
Performance - test the limits of the hardware decoder’s speed. Good for final validation to prove compliance to Level requirements.21streams63streams36streams108streams
Error resilience - set of non-fully-compliant bitstreams to test decoder’s robustness to errors and ability to recover. Good for final validation to deliver viable end-user product.20streams60streams52streams156streams


  • Configurable encoder - to allow the Customer to create their own test stream combination (from syntax to error resilience)
  • Residual randomization - test limits of transform and quantization which are hardly achievable with the natural encoding process
  • Override - determine a scenario you want for a block with the Override feature, making an exception from a pattern
  • Coverage Tool - how the provided streams cover all cases. Compatible with streams.
  • Analytic (Collector, Reporter, Differ, Analyzer) - graphical representation of syntax coverages, speed up test cycles by reducing the streams and their number, compares the stream coverage


Speed up your decoder design Time to Market with DVK